Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual counseling does not work unless you are rigorously honest, slightly willing and open to having everything you hold dear undone. Holy Spirit provides us with portals for this undoing to be accomplished. One portal can be you and I. I act only as a channel to receive guidance from the “heart” until you can accept the power of Holy Spirit within yourself.

This process is much like psychotherapy but uses the power of the “heart” to energetically exchange spiritual currents to make unconscious emotions and suppressed desires less frightening to express and more welcoming to feel, directly.

The goal of this form of counseling is to learn how our experiences past, present or future cannot hurt us unless we give them the power to do so. Even then it is only illusions that can be experienced as pain and suffering. In counsel, we will join as One to bring awareness to what has often been ignored, suppressed, denied or projected onto others. It is our joint intention to share from the “heart” so we can heal errors and restore vision to our tired and weary eyes.


Starting at $35 for 45 minutes. These one on one sessions often include energy work, meditation and “heart” to “heart” presence.