Interfaith Lectures


I have devoted much time reinterpreting so called inerrant religious doctrine in hopes of bringing people together. However due to ancient beliefs of separation embedded within human consciousness I find this to be a very difficult task, contributing to only about 5% of interfaith communication. Instead of relying solely on new spiritual understandings and secular wording to bring people closer together I stop to feel the “One loving heart” behind it all. It is this heart that is motivating people to have a relationship with God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Krishna, Great Canyon, Jesus Christ, Universal Mind, Spirit or any other Source used to describe the ineffable.

Communicating with the vibration of this “One heart” gives us a means of understanding one another that transcends all language yet invariably rings Truth. I am vigilant against the idea of religious groups and people isolating themselves from one another because of conflicting beliefs, desires, religious experiences and so called infallible leaders. I provide powerful motivational Interfaith Lectures about a vision of us all being on the same Spiritual Mountain of which many take different and uniquely exciting paths to the top.