Interfaith Services

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Interfaith Services draws upon all the mystical teachings of the Great Religions and honors humans innate ability to express their Inner guidance without external authority, doctrine, concepts or creed.

Interfaith services is not a spiritual smorgasbord of ideas that we get to pick and choose from the one’s we like and don’t like. That is duality. The goal of these interfaith services is to bring greater awareness to how all paths lead to the same God. Learning to identify with what is keeping us from listening to this Inner guidance is of utmost paramount, only then can we be truly free. We don’t get to decide what concepts, relationships, career, spiritual practice, beliefs, understanding or no understanding will be most helpful in ending separation. The ego judges every idea on the basis of whether its bringing about pleasure or pain, thinking that they are different and can be told apart. My Interfaith services are in accord with Spirit’s way of using everything in the world as an opportunity for correcting separation. Interfaith services meets people where their at on the spiritual journey and shines Light on what is authentic and eternal.


  • Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Funerals
  • Public speaking engagements on “Non-duality, Interfaith dialogue, Addiction and A Course in Miracles”
  • Chakra balancing, progressive muscles relaxation, forgiveness mind training and meditative sessions
  • Reiki energy work and Faith healing
  • Non-duality counseling
  • A Course in Miracles workshops and retreats