Living ACIM




Living ACIM is one way that works, for anyone to enter a new and profound relationship with their Creator and experience true Love.

Experience heartfelt celebration, support from friends and a refreshing vision of God’s kingdom, which is everywhere. Living ACIM Co. is committed to walking beside you on your path through fear and into the awakening of who you are, as the Holy Child of God.



Purpose of ACIM Groups

Everyone is being offered an opportunity to Live A Course in Miracles every moment of the day. It is not a matter of if there are miracles, but of when we are willing to see them; and live by their presence.

Only living by the inspiration of miracles will we experience peace, healing and true happiness. No plans of our own can make this happen. This is why ACIM says, “It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary”.

Therefore, join us to acknowledge the miracles that are already everywhere and learn how to embrace their infinite power each moment. miracles allow us to live in communication with our creator and in harmony with all living things.

We celebrate the miracle of life every thursday from 7-9:00pm by experiencing meditation, music, Reiki healing and a discussion on what seems to limit our awareness of experiencing life as God created. Now let the miracle bring us together!

Why ACIM Groups?

A circle surrounded with people who support your undoing process and connect with your heart in love and compassion. With this circle, prayer and healing are given so prayer and healing are received. An Adopted family bound together by a shared interest, forgiveness, friendship and love. This is a Life group.

What You'll Witness?

There are five essentials components you will see in our small groups: Life Change, Cultivate Relationships, Provide Care, Promote Participation, Identify Future Leaders