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Since “A Course in Miracles” was published in 1976 there have been many spiritual teachers to come to the scene proclaiming to understand and guide others to experiencing its deep message of forgiveness, love and miracles. No matter how powerful these teachers seem to be we cannot forget the only real teacher is the Holy Spirit within us all. Any true understanding, healing or conversion of a child of God is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. All anyone has ever done as either student or teacher of ACIM is let themselves be healed, which inevitable awakens the memory of God. The memory of God isn’t something we study, intellectual grasp or make real through discussion in groups, workshops or retreats. It is a fact.

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I have met many teachers of ACIM that can brilliantly point to the Truth using comparison, analogies, metaphor, symbols, scripture, testimony and humor; however, I have met only a rare few that can live out the memory of God in their everyday life. Living out the memory of God flows through us easily from willingness, devotion and effortless commitment of our time to our brothers and sisters awakening. Embracing a friend with forgiveness, love and gratitude always trumps providing them with a metaphysical understanding of how ACIM works. I cannot live A Course in Miracles without being both a student and teacher to the Holy Spirit, which reminds me that I am the living Truth.

The time to remember God is now. I pray to join with you as co-creator of the world we live in and accept our fearless purpose of exposing the lies of separation in whatever form is most practical for all of us. The Holy Spirit will bring us together for Holy encounters that will meet our individual needs of the day and undo as much of the dream of separation as we are willing to accept at that moment. How we will know that the dream of separation is being undone and we are living out the memory of God? It is by the fruits of our mission together! Feel indescribably happy for no reason and perceive peace in situations that once bought you anxiety and know the memory of God has been restored to your awareness.