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    We are an unorganized fellowship of spiritual brothers and sisters that have remembered “the light” and want to sustain its awareness while living within the community. Many of us have jobs, vocations, families, children and earthly responsibilities that need met daily.


    We congregate at various locations throughout Erie County celebrating Life as God created it and reminding each other of who we really are as the “light of the world”. (see calendar page for locations) We feel our path to remembrance of Heaven is easy and practical, as outlined in ACIM.


    We do not evade, set aside, deny or try to escape any responsibility. With mighty companions by our side and the Holy Spirit lighting our way, we feel there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. If you feel the peace of “the heart” speaking to you now and want to explore where it leads, then you have already joined with us and have some inclination of what to do. The end of conflict in humanity depends on us listening to “the heart” and sharing “the light” with the world we see. We all have experienced “the light” in our own way at some point or another but don’t miss out on sharing the light of God directly with your friends Living ACIM.