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There is no fear in love. Fear leads to feelings of punishment and hurt. Special relationships are incomplete thoughts of love, created to distract us from the real stuff. However, all relationships can be brought into alignment with Spirits purpose of forgiveness. This is the purpose of the world, to correct our belief that fear can’t be removed. Only Perfect Love can cast out fear and when Love is brought to full awareness then there will be no fear at all. This understanding of how Love removes fear was a pivotal turning point in my life 15 years ago. Sincere prayer and the lessons contained within ACIM showed me the only Real alternative to my panic, paranoia and emotional terror. I have been listening to this “inner call” ever since and my world has turned upside down, but in the right way!

living acim erie pa youtube channel
living acim erie pa youtube channel

Paths to peace. “I AM AWAKE”, said the Buddha. “I AM”, said Jesus. Is there a difference? Celebrate the ancient non-attachment teachings of Buddhism and the radical forgiveness teachings of A Course in Miracles. Are they the same? Does it even matter? Build a foundation for peace anywhere you plant your roots. Commit fully to the direction of your heart. Do the practices and mind training asked of you. The form matters not, but the means of accomplishment provides purpose and brightness to the highly individualized journey.

Listen to this Unity celebration and participate in a meditation on building a foundation for inner peace with the mortar and clay of A Course in Miracles. Remember the ego has devised a plan for peace that is made on sand and Spirit has created one that is sustained by the indestructible energy of the Children of God. The only reason the sand hasn’t blow away yet is because the little children of God still like to play in the sand box. However, all the grains can be filtered out when the silly game is seen for what it is.

living acim erie pa youtube channel
living acim erie pa youtube channel

Enter an experience with me on ACIM, Manual for Teachers Chapter 10 “How is Judgment Relinquished?” by listening to spontaneous wisdom, instead of mental judgments. Wisdom is not judgment; it is the relinquishment of judgment. We don’t really need to give up judging because we never actually possessed the ability in the first place. It’s all about becoming aware that we cannot judge. This can be accomplished through practicing forgiveness, self-inquiry and questioning our beliefs,both good and bad. Another method of coming to the understanding that we cannot judge is through actively judging everything we see and evaluating the results. For many there seems to be a cycling in and out of these modes of relinquishing judgment. Consciously choosing to let go of judgment through practicing lessons in A Course in Miracles is the easier, kinder and softer way. What we don’t deliberately address in the light of awareness will manifest itself in our life eventually, often in less than desirable ways.

living acim erie pa youtube channel

This celebration service reinforces the blessed message of Supreme Happiness promised to us by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount, thousands of years ago. The same message is delivered by Jesus in A Course In Miracles just in what I believe to be a more direct and clear way. Listen to this Unity service commentary about how sincere prayers of the heart awaken direct experiences of purity, abundance and supreme happiness. This has always been the message of Christ.

July 2, 2017 “The Power of thought” by Rev. Josh given at Unity in Edinboro Sunday Service.
“Love gives Life to all thoughts whether they be fear or love, just like breathing gives life to the body no matter what it is doing. God doesn’t know fear, so we are the one’s that must confront it directly and choose differently. This is our function and the reason for lesson 190 of ACIM “I choose the joy of God instead of pain”.”
living acim erie pa youtube channel

August 13th, 2016 “The 2nd Annual Living ACIM retreat” at Camp Judson in North Springfield, PA.

Rev Josh and Jamie discuss the importance of seeing the same patterns of misery in dreams and how awareness brings an end to searching and a discovery of real peace.

living acim erie pa youtube channel
August 13th, 2016 “The 2nd Annual Living ACIM retreat” North Springfield, Pa with Dr.Jon Mundy Experience Eternity
living acim erie pa youtube channel

August 14th, 2016 at the 2nd Annual Living ACIM retreat Sunday Service. Sister Sue and brother Doug express their passion to, “See Life as God”, with a powerful musical tribute. The song is called “See things differently”

living acim erie pa youtube channel
October 2nd 2016 Unity Service on World Peace

October 2nd, 2016 Unity in Edinboro Service. World peace is possible and in fact has already occurred on one level. A Course in Miracles shines light on the necessary ingredients for humanity to awakening to peace on a personal and global scale. However it is not going to be what we think. Listen to this powerful and important talk on "World Peace" through Living A Course in Miracles.

September 4th 2016 Unity Prosperity talk

September 4th, 2016 Unity in Edinboro Service. "Experiencing prosperity consciousness in ordinary life".

The purpose of fantasy and projection 11-19-13

MP3ACIMtalk 11

Rev Josh Introduces the basics of A Course In Miracles the first couple minutes is just the ending of our meditation and some commentary wait for the "deeper teaching"


Building a foundation for inner peace 12-3-13 just practice "being still" for a few moments while the meditation ends

Teaching from 12-17-13. Everything we want and need is here now and the addiction to avoiding this simple truth.

ACIM talk on 12-17-13 by Jamie McKibben.Time, change and eternity.

ACIMtalk 1

ACIM talk 1-21-14. Levels of responsibility and understanding how they apply to the world we see.

4-14 ACIM lecture

ACIM lecture 2-4-14. Laughing away the ego and learning how to trans-mutate the little self through the admission of the thoughts we value.

last Entering Stillness talk 3

March 11th 2014 Rev Joshua Dolecki gives his final talk of the class "Entering Stillness" with these powerful words that inspire true love and healing.